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Town of Stratford Select Board Procedures Policy

1 General Information and Provisions

1.1 The Select Board (the Board) for the Town of Stratford consists of 3 equal members who shall, by majority vote, manage the prudential affairs of the Town and perform the duties prescribed by law.

1.2 The Board derives its authority from New Hampshire State Law as specifically set forth in the Revised Statutes Annotated (RSA) and as further established under court decision. Generally, the Board does not have authority to act on any issue unless there is a specific law granting such authority or the legislative body has delegated authority to the Board.

1.3 Individual Members of the Board (MB) have no authority to make decisions on behalf of the Town or to take any action as a Town Official except upon a majority vote of the Board or as otherwise allowed by law.

1.4 After the Board has taken a position on an issue, official correspondence and individual MBs shall reflect that position.

1.4.1 Consequently, each MB shall represent the Board as a whole at all times and shall not discuss how any MB voted on a matter; MBs may say only that the Board voted in favor or against. MBs may freely discuss the arguments that were considered before a vote was taken, but shall do so impartially.

1.5 Election of the Chair and Chair Pro Tem: Annually, at the first meeting of the Board after conclusion of Town elections, the MBs shall choose a Chair and Chair Pro Tem by a majority vote. The Board may change officers at any time.

1.6 Board meeting discussion shall be confined to the agenda matter in question. No MB shall be interrupted while speaking except for a point of order.

1.7 Before deciding a matter, the Board shall confer with other Town authorities, departments, and employees that may be significantly affected or involved, e.g., the Conservation Commission, Planning Board, and Health Officer, or as otherwise required by law, e.g. RSA 674:41.

1.8 Recusals: Before the Board addresses a matter, if any MB has, or may appear to have, a conflict of interest, then that person shall announce the intention to take no part in the discussion and will withdraw from the meeting room until other matters are taken up, or is recalled to supply specific and limited testimony by a Board majority vote.

2 Board Meetings

2.1 Regular business meetings of the Board shall normally be held every other Monday at 3:30 PM in the Fuller Town Hall. Meetings may be held at other times or places after proper public notice, and any meeting may be recessed to an announced time, date, and place without further public notice. Whenever practicable, meetings shall be kept to a maximum of two hours length. The Board may limit any meeting to specific issues.

2.2 The Chair shall preside at all meetings of the Board. The Chair is not obligated to adhere to strict meeting formalities unless called upon to do so on a point of order. In case of the Chair’s absence, the Chair Pro Tem shall act as Chair.

2.3 The Administrative Assistant shall attend meetings and may take part in discussions on all matters concerning the welfare of the Town, barring conflict of interest. In the event that the Administrative Assistant is unable to attend a meeting, the Administrative Assistant’s Secretary shall attend in that role.
The Administrative Assistant’s Secretary shall attend all meetings to take minutes and perform such other meeting duties as may be required by the Administrative Assistant.

2.4 Meeting Agenda: Any MB may place a matter on the agenda by contacting the Administrative Assistant by noon on the Wednesday prior to the meeting. Supporting materials for agenda items shall be made available to all MBs by the Thursday immediately preceding the intended meeting.
The Administrative Assistant may place a matter on the agenda, including appointments to address the Board, at any time prior to the intended meeting.
The Chair may limit the time spent on any individual matter, subject to override by the Board.

2.5 Business shall normally be transacted as ordered on the agenda. The Chair shall open discussion on agenda items and may rearrange the agenda to conduct business more expeditiously, subject to override by the Board.

2.6 Public comment shall be accepted only at the discretion of the Chair and be limited to three minutes per speaker unless the Chair extends that time. The Chair may limit the number of speakers on a topic and may close accepting public comment at any time.

2.7 By a majority vote, the Board may overrule any procedural decision of the Chair.

2.8 These meeting procedures are guidelines. Failure to follow them shall not invalidate any action taken by the Board.

2.9 Non-public Sessions shall be held and recorded in accordance with RSA 91-A.

2.10 Personnel meetings or hearings, when needed, will be held in accordance with all NH RSA 91-A requirements. While not a complete listing:

2.10.1 Personnel meetings and hearings, including those for appointments unless otherwise required by law, are to be conducted in non-public session unless otherwise requested by the affected person, in which case they must be held in public session.

2.10.2 If the meeting or hearing is held in non-public session then all proceedings and documents related thereto shall be exempt from public disclosure except as otherwise required by law. If the hearing is held in public session, then all records related thereto shall be subject to public disclosure.

2.10.3 The Board is not required to comply with or establish any formal set of evidentiary rules; and the provisions of RSA 43 are not applicable except for removal proceedings as set forth in RSA 41: 16-c (Town Clerk) 41:26-d (Treasurer) and 41:40 (Tax Collector) for a personnel hearing. Either party may call witnesses or submit relevant evidence.

2.11 Minutes of all Select Board meetings, including nonpublic sessions, shall be kept in accordance with RSA 91-A:2 & 4.

2.12 The names of members, persons appearing before the public bodies, a brief description of the subject matter discussed, and final decisions shall be included. The names of the members who made or seconded each motion shall be recorded.

2.13 Unless sealed, minutes shall be available for public inspection not more than 5 business days after the meeting, except as provided in RSA 91-A:6, and shall be treated as permanent records.

3 Public Hearings

3.1 The Chair or designee will preside and set any ground rules deemed necessary to conduct the meeting in an orderly and fair way. Repetitive or uncivil comments shall be limited.
3.2 Matters discussed in Public Hearings shall not be acted on by the Board until a subsequent Board business meeting is held.

4 Public Body Appointments Delegated to the Board:

4.1 For all election officials, the Board shall defer to the judgment of the Town Moderator and the Town Clerk in making appointments. If the Board finds that, for reason, it cannot defer to the Town Moderator and Town Clerk, then it shall submit letters to the Town Moderator and Town Clerk stating the specific reasons it finds that it cannot do so.

4.2 The Board shall require all applicants to submit a form application to include the applicant’s name, address, telephone, email, an agreement to fulfill all duties the position requires, and any further information the applicant wishes to provide.

4.3 The Board shall request comment from the body to which the person is requesting appointment.

4.4 The Board shall, during a regular business meeting of the Board, interview each applicant it deems qualified to hold the position. No application shall be complete without this interview.

4.5 The completed application shall be announced in 2 public places and on the Town website. Public comment shall be requested, accepted, and considered for a period of no less than 2 weeks before the Board may finalize the appointment of an applicant.

4.6 The Board may enter one or more non-public sessions in order to discuss the merits of any or all applicants.

4.7 Criteria that shall be considered when making appointments include, but are not limited to:
a. Educational background, life experience, demonstrated interests including personal, professional, and/or volunteer experience.

b. Consideration of potential conflicts of interest, especially financial conflicts of interests, that may affect the applicant’s ability to make decisions that are in the best interest of the Town.

c. Ability to fulfill the time and attendance requirements implicit in the appointment.

4.8 Current appointees whose terms are about to expire may seek reappointment to the same committee. The incumbent need only communicate their interest to the Administrative Assistant. The Board, at its discretion, may require a full application procedure be followed before approving the reappointment.

4.9 Alternate members of Public Bodies who wish to become full members shall submit applications if they have not previously done so.

4.10 The Board shall require a full application procedure be followed for incumbent appointees on one body who want to join another body. If a seat on a body becomes vacant, the Board may fill it at any time following the guidelines herein outlined. Unless otherwise dictated by RSA, the Board may, at its discretion, delay making appointments until such time as a candidate it deems in the Town’s best interest to appoint becomes available.

4.11 The Board shall consider each applicant fully and impartially, but with a close consideration of whether the applicant’s appointment would be in the Town’s best interest.

4.12 A roll call vote during a regular business meeting and in public session shall be required to confirm any appointment or reappointment of an applicant.

5 Right to Know Requests

5.1 Shall be taken in person at the Town Hall.

5.2 Records shall be made available at the Town Hall by appointment only, unless such records are immediately available and making them available does not unreasonably interfere with the Town’s primary business functions.

5.3 Copies of records shall incur a reasonable fee per page, medium, etc.

Available in Town Office within 5 business days.  Posted on website after approval.

2024 Minutes

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2023 Minutes

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All Minutes

Ordinances; Town Meeting Vote

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  • Curfew Ordinance: 1977 – RSA 31:43-a
  • Dog Ordinance:1977 – RSA 466:39

 Ordinances; Select Board

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  • Regulating Traffic on Bridge St and Cross St in North Stratford Village: 1968; Rescinded 2023
  • General Assistance Ordinance: 2009 – RSA 165

Fees Schedule

(by order of the Board of Selectmen)

Notary: $1.00 for each notary signature required.

Fax: $2.00 flat fee (same price for sending or receiving)

Copies: $0.50 per page for personal photocopies (no charge for town-required business)

Insufficient funds:

    • Bad Checks: $25.00 per incident
    • No personal checks are accepted for one year.
    • ACH Rejection: $15.00 per incident (online payment)

Checklist: $25.00 per set

Subdivision Plan: $10.00

    • Fees paid to Town used to offset the cost of services supplied.

Stratford no longer requires inventory forms which were usually due April 15th of each year. We have now implemented a Building Certificate which will replace the Inventory Form (PA-28).

Any new build, renovation, and demolition will be required to complete the building certificate application process prior to work.

Certificate application and a more detailed explanation is available here: BuildingCertificate.pdf

Address Change Form

Please fill out the form and email to us at or mail it to: Town of Stratford, P.O. Box 366, Stratford, NH 03590. Please include property details such as Map and Lot numbers for each parcel you own and also a phone number so we can reach you if we have questions.

Learn more about NH Statues here.

If you need to notarize a document, the Town office has several Notaries and a Justice of the Peace among its staff.

These services are available during our regular business hours.

The service fee is $1.00 per notarization.

Boston Post Cane Nomination Form

Town of Stratford
Boston Post Cane Policy
Adopted 3/13/2023

The Boston Post Cane Policy of the Town of Stratford is adopted for the purpose of setting guidelines for the Select Board, as Trustees of the Boston Post Cane, to follow to ensure that the Town is administering the distribution of the cane in a manner that follows the wishes of the donor.

The policy is adopted by the Select Board in accordance with the authority granted to the Board by the donor of the cane.

The Stratford Boston Post Cane is the property of the Town of Stratford. The original cane is retained at the Municipal Building in the Town Vault and the recipient receives a replica of the original cane displayed at the Fuller Town Hall with a plaque of recognition.

The Select Board of the Town of Stratford serves as the Trustees of the Boston Post Cane and will make their best effort to determine the oldest resident of Stratford.

The Boston Post Cane shall be presented to the oldest resident of the Town of Stratford with the following qualifications and stipulations:

  1. No person who has resided in Stratford for fewer than twenty years shall be eligible to receive the cane, unless the Trustees of the Boston Post Cane judge that the person’s contributions to the community have been so extraordinary as to exempt him/her.
  2. Individuals meeting the above criteria who no longer live in Stratford by virtue of the fact that they are, for medical reasons, required to live in an assisted living facility are eligible for the award.
  3. If the oldest qualified resident does not accept the cane, the Trustees of the cane shall offer the cane to the next qualified resident.
  4. Upon the passing of the holder of the Boston Post Cane, the Trustees will wait a period of thirty (30) days before presenting the cane to the next resident qualified to hold the cane.

To ensure that the Trustees retain possession of the cane after the death of the holder, the Trustees shall:

  1. Maintain regular contact with the holder of the cane.
  2. Ensure that the presentation of the cane to a qualified holder has been documented by any means possible.

This policy was adopted at a regularly noticed Select Board meeting on March 13, 2023.


Town of Stratford OHRV Road Use Policy
(adopted by Selectboard January 19, 2021)

Whereas the State provides little or no enforcement of OHRV laws and regulations, and the Town of Stratford is currently without a police department; and

Whereas there are considerable local traditions, several locally owned businesses with OHRV oriented business plans, and a continuing level of popularity for OHRVs as well as a still active local OHRV club; and

Whereas the current OHRV trail system is somewhat facilitated by using certain sections of roads within the Town as trail connectors; and

Whereas the ATV Safety Institute, the Specialty Vehicle Institute of America (SVIA), the Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association (ROHVA), and the manufacturers themselves all advise avoiding OHRV use on public roads; and

Whereas noise, lights, and especially dust, all associated with OHRV use, have well documented impacts on the health and well-being of people as well as on wildlife; and

Whereas OHRV use of Town roads incurs additional cost to the Town for road maintenance and provision of signage, and therefore causes increased property owner tax burden;

The Town of Stratford Select Board establishes the following regulations for use of OHRVs on designated road sections within the Town.

When on public roads, operators will:

  • Remain in single file.
  • Stay on the far right of the traveled way.
  • Stay off the shoulder and out of the drainage ditches.
  • Hold to a 20 mph maximum speed limit except 10 mph in designated sensitive areas.
  • Yield ROW to all other road users.
  • Come to a full stop before entering a road and enter in a way that does not unavoidably disturb the shoulder or road surface.
  • Never unavoidably spin tires.

In addition:

  • All OHRVs on Town roads must adhere to the noise and equipment modification laws and regulations and all State of NH OHRV laws and regulations as may be amended.
  • OHRVs are permitted on designated Town roads between 1/2 hour before sunrise to 1/2 hour after sunset.

If any one or more of these regulations are observed to be repeatedly violated by one or more operators of OHRVs, then the Select Board shall further restrict OHRV access to the roads within the Town.

If these regulations conflict with any Town ordinance or regulation, or State law or regulation, the most restrictive requirement shall apply.

Until such time as alternative trail options are clearly established, or the Select Board otherwise deems granting permission inadvisable, the following designated road sections within the Town of Stratford may be used for OHRV use. The Board shall reevaluate, and, if it deems appropriate, amend, this policy at least annually with regard to need, safety, health, cost, Town resilience, Town viability, or other considerations.

  • Christie Rd between junction with Mag Trail and westerly end of Perham Rd.
  • McMann Rd between junction with Charlie’s Trail and junction with Bryan’s Rd.
  • Potato Hill Rd from junction with Bog Rd to Bog Brook
  • Percy Rd between junction with Blueberry Hill Trail and a point about 250 ft northwesterly from junction with Holbrook Hill Rd.
  • Bog Rd from the northern end of the State maintained section to a point about 250 ft southwesterly from the dam at Bog Pond.
  • Diamond Rd between a point about 135 ft westerly from the center of Rte 3 to a point about 810 ft westerly from the center of Rte 3.
  • Old Mill Rd between northern junction with Rte 3 and a point about 675 ft southerly from the northern junction with Rte 3.

The following roads are designated sensitive areas:

  • Potato Hill Road
  • Christie Road