Supervisors of the Checklist


Lorraine Bacon (2028)
Chase Cavazos (2030)
Cathy Lee (2025)


Please call or email the Town Clerk’s office:
Phone: 603-922-5546

Requests will be forwarded to the Supervisors.

Upcoming public session:

Next public session  to be announced

IMPORTANT NOTICE to Voters on Party Affiliation:
June 4, 2024 was the deadline to change your Party Affiliation before the September 10, 2024 State Primary Election. If you are unsure of your current party affiliation you may check the Secretary of State website or the voter checklist in the Town Office.

If you did not return to an “undeclared” status by this date, you will not be able to change this status until AFTER the September primary election (per RSA 654:34). The Supervisors of the Checklist would like to remind voters who wish to be listed as “undeclared” to pay close attention to the process of changing party affiliation during/after any primary election. For more information, please visit the Secreatry of State’s FAQs on this subject or contact your Town Clerk.


Your Voter Registration Info Online

If you want to check your party status or track your absentee ballot online through the Secretary of State’s website, please click here.  Once on the site, you will be prompted to enter your name, date of birth, and a security code that will be given to you.

The Supervisors of the Checklist are elected Town officials who are responsible for the maintenance of the voter checklist. Their duties include maintaining and updating voter information to insure that voter registration is accurate. Of course, the Supervisors also process new voter registrations. They meet at the Town Hall to fulfill the above duties and hold public sessions from time to time to allow voters to update their information as needed before elections.